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Fight Bad Corn With M-Mobilize.

M-Mobilize should be part of your strategy in managing challenges with corn. M-Mobilize includes a proprietary Bacillus strain that promotes gut integrity and encourages a healthy microbiome.



No-Risk Insurance for Mycotoxins.

We’ve invested significantly to operate our own research farms, designed to replicate commercial farm environments. Our extensive commercial trials on this product that reveal some stunning results. Ask your vet or nutritionist to request this information.


There’s no such thing as clean corn.

Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by molds. Unfavorable environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture allow the molds to proliferate and potentially produce mycotoxins. While the conditions that cause the productions of mycotoxins are unavoidable, it’s important to minimize contamination to animals. Don’t be overconfident in your sampling.


Your Risk Is Not Going Away.

Mycotoxins can be produced anytime within the crop growing season or during grain storage. The symptoms from animals eating contaminated feed can be varied and sub-clinical. Even low mycotoxin levels in feed can reduce performance and profits.

• Reduces feed intake and absorption of nutrients
• Compromises gut health

• Reduces body weight gain

• Impacts overall health status of pigs



Understanding your threat.

Our heat maps indicate corn toxin load by location.


Fight bad corn with M-Mobilize.

Mycotoxins, and their impact on health and performance, can affect farm profitability if left untreated.

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Fight Bad Corn With M-Mobilize.

Have your vet or nutritionist contact us to learn more about M-Mobilize from our commercial trials.