MYTH ONE: I know my corn is clean.


There is no such thing as clean corn. Saying you don’t have a problem is easier and cheaper than dealing with it… or is it?

MYTH TWO: All binder products perform the same, regardless of inclusion rate.


Binder products offer vastly different advantages, such as cutting inclusion rates to lower costs simply cuts the likelihood of success. Products must be used at the inclusion rates tested for maximum benefit and economic returns.

MYTH THREE: Mold inhibitors prevent mycotoxins.


Mold inhibitors do not stop mycotoxins. Despite your best efforts, you are always at risk of feeding toxins.

MYTH FOUR: Testing ensures my feed is free of mycotoxins.


Your risk is present throughout the entire supply chain. Testing at harvest or delivery doesn’t ensure your feed is clean when it is fed to your animals.

MYTH FIVE: Mycotoxins do not impact my performance or financial returns.


The literature would suggest that for every 1 ppm of DON contamination, a pig will lose 7.5% in average daily gain.

How are you managing your mycotoxins?

You are always at risk of mycotoxins and pathogens. And that risk is not going away.

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