About Us

Partnering with United Animal Health.

United Animal Health believes that collaborations are key to accelerating the pace of innovation.  If you are looking to partner on a new and unique technology or idea, United Animal Health is always exploring ways to create new value.

At United Animal Health, we understand that good things take time to grow. We understand that converting innovation into revenue doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, we invest in concepts that build from our core and provide strength and new perspectives to the industry. Our intent is not to build a company and sell it off; we are not venture capitalists. United Animal Health is an enterprise capitalist – a new type of investor.

We invest in ideas and businesses that together we can grow. United Animal Health provides enterprise capital that can include intellectual and financial capital to move your idea or business concept forward. Our company has the network and infrastructure in place to reach all aspects of the swine, dairy, and poultry industries. United Animal Health is also deeply vested in research that can test the commercial viability of your project or business. We also have the resources to take the idea to market and turn it into sales revenue.

  • Research and Development
  • Establish Commercial Viability
  • Provide Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Secure Government Agency Approvals
  • Leverage Industry Relationships
  • Capitalize on our Industry Infrastructure and Know-how
  • Serve as an Advisory Group (financial, marketing, infrastructure, human resources, etc.)

Our Brand Partnerships

MDG is an R&D driven microbial cultivation and fermentation company.  MDG provides bioaugmentation products and solutions for a multitude of industries. Microbial Discovery Group excels in new product innovation, customer focused manufacturing and technical support expertise.

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The acquisition of PrairiE Systems is another step in the direction of advanced technology and using information to help customers operate more effectively, while providing a traceable and safe food product to the consumer. PrairiE Systems is an Information Technology company and Software and Systems Developer focused on the needs of livestock producers, especially the need to trace and manage feed, and ensure safe food products.

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