Revolutionizing how livestock producers and farms operate.

The acquisition of Prairie Systems is another step in the direction of advanced technology and using information to help customers operate more effectively, while providing a traceable and safe food product to the consumer.

Prairie Systems is an Information Technology company and Software and Systems Developer focused on the needs of livestock producers, especially the need to trace and manage feed, and ensure safe food products. Primarily focused on helping the swine industry operate more effectively, the software and systems are also easily modified for other livestock.

Prairie Systems’ premier farm management product is their Feed Allocation System. The Feed Allocation System is a web-based productivity tool designed to complement the day-to-day process of managing feed ordering and delivering feed, while lowering feed costs for producers.

The system automates one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks in the livestock industry today for customers, and verifies that the correct feed is being delivered to the correct bin at the correct time.  This allows the entire feeding process to be traceable, helps ensure safe food products for consumers and it helps track and reduce feed budgets for producers.

Additional benefits of this Feed Allocation System include reducing the occurrence of feed outages, making the feed ordering and management process easier, allowing feed medications to be administered and tracked more effectively, and much more.  All of Prairie Systems’ suite of products help livestock producers ensure that feed production practices comply with the industry’s focus on providing a high quality, safe food product.

Feed Allocation System (FAS)

The Feed Allocation System or FAS is precision software that executes your nutrition.  Recognizing the need to manage livestock production with real time information, Prairie Systems pioneered the development of FAS.  This technology provides for the management of multiple groups of pigs located in various barns and interacting with an unlimited number of growers, truckers, veterinarians and toll mills.  It provides for logical and quick responses to everyday decisions and precisely executes your nutrition.

Mobile FAS

FAS is a web-based program that is easily accessible from home, the office or in the barn. Using either your personal computer or mobile device (phone, tablet), feed reminders, feed orders, inventory changes and scheduled sales are easily managed. Ration changes, feed budgets, ingredients, treatment and medication plans along with required VFDs can all be maintained within the system.  FAS includes a diverse array of report options to make quality decisions faster and easier.

With FAS, you eliminate duplication of data entry and time consuming phone calls, texts and email messages. Efficiency is gained throughout the production system by precise communication and planning controlled by your central office.  Animal inventory, groups and flows are monitored easily with this mobile friendly, web based product and third-party verification adds record security to all FAS clients.