About Us

Our Mission

We create value for our partners in animal agriculture.

Our Values

What We Believe.
We believe in creatively serving people in agriculture in ways that earn their trust and develop lasting relationships. We believe that enduring service to others requires us to anticipate the future and lead change.

What We Do.
Develop and market animal nutrition and health solutions that drive profit for our clients.

How We Behave.
We serve with humble character. We value initiative & responsibility. We honor beyond commitment.

Our People

A company’s work culture reflects the shared values, practices, and behaviors of the leadership of the company and its employees. It is how the company expresses its personality. We believe that our mission can best be achieved through devotion to the professional development of our people and attention to their personal well-being. We place importance on employee empowerment, plus the freedom to think creatively and problem solve. We value the tangible and intangible gifts that each employee offers and we treat one another with mutual respect, kindness, and fairness.

Through 60 years of innovative business practices and customer service, our company has developed a foundation grounded in a genuine, family-oriented work environment where there is strong employer and employee loyalty. Our company prides itself on teamwork and cross-functional cooperation, which is made possible through trusting relationships, an open door policy, and an adaptive mentality.

Our work place environment is one with high morale and motivation, leading to high productivity.

We Believe