Through 60 years of innovative business practices and customer service, our company has developed a foundation grounded in a genuine, family-oriented work environment where there is strong employer and employee loyalty.

Our company prides itself on teamwork and cross-functional cooperation, which is made possible through trusting relationships, an open door policy, and an adaptive mentality. Our work place environment is one with high morale and motivation, leading to high productivity.  A company’s work culture reflects the shared values, practices, and behaviors of the leadership of the company and its employees. It is how the company expresses its personality.

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JBS United is now United Animal Health.

We are excited to announce that we have changed our name from JBS United, Inc. to United Animal Health, Inc.

Established in 1956 as United Feeds, we are reconnecting with our past and including a twist for the future.  We remain firmly committed to animal nutrition and as you know, nutrition is vital to an animal’s health.  Therefore, we believe that United Animal Health best reflects our nutritional products, which include proprietary microbial solutions, as well as products like OvuGel and Feed Allocation System (FAS).

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