At United Animal Health, we are committed to extensive sow research. We have made the investments to be the leader in sow research.


Healthy Sow.
Healthy Start.

Sow research is time consuming and tedious to conduct. Few companies even attempt it. The challenging variables with reproduction make it complex and expensive. While this research is difficult, the rewards are knowledge and insights that can change your entire system. It all begins with the sow.


Healthy Sows Farrow Healthy Piglets

And healthy piglets become healthy pigs.



Systemwide Performance Starts with the Sow

We test more than 50,000 animals each year in our own commercial research farms, designed to replicate commercial production facilities. We don’t just say we have 65 years of experience innovating in swine nutrition. We prove it.

Let Us Help Your Mothers.

Strong sow research can help your system. Let’s talk about your mothers.