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United Animal Health

United Animal Health, founded in 1956, is dedicated to providing research based solutions that create value for its partners in animal agriculture. United Animal Health offers livestock nutrition and health products globally through the United Animal Health or affiliate brands. The company, originally known as United Feeds, set itself apart from the competition by intimately getting to know customers and understanding what they needed to be more successful. That guiding principle has been the foundation as United Animal Health has grown from that one room office company to an organization employing over 340 individuals.

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United Trading, Inc

United Animal Health Trading, Inc., a division of United Animal Health, Inc., provides a value-added service in originating soybean meal and DDGs for the convenience of our customers. Our affiliation with processors across the Midwest increases our purchasing leverage. We encourage United Animal Health customers to call FC Stone, our merchandisers, to discuss soybean meal and DDG cost.

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Lindner United

Lindner United is a partnership between United Animal Health and the Lindner Feed & Milling Company. Lindner Feed is the market leader for swine show feeds in the southwestern United States. Together the two companies have formed Lindner United making United Animal Health the exclusive manufacturer, marketer and distributor of Lindner’s swine show feeds in the Midwest. Lindner Feed’s experience and success in providing products for show pigs and United Animal Health’s background in research and animal nutrition has proven to be a great combination in providing superior quality, affordable show feeds to a large and growing market located throughout the United States. The Lindner United product line is offered at all existing United Animal Health locations and the team actively pursues dealers throughout the Midwest to expand the distribution network.

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United Animal Health Transit

The United Animal Health Transit Department delivers feed and ingredients to customers in a very timely manner. Customer service is a top priority.

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JBS United is now United Animal Health.

We are excited to announce that we have changed our name from JBS United, Inc. to United Animal Health, Inc.

Established in 1956 as United Feeds, we are reconnecting with our past and including a twist for the future.  We remain firmly committed to animal nutrition and as you know, nutrition is vital to an animal’s health.  Therefore, we believe that United Animal Health best reflects our nutritional products, which include proprietary microbial solutions, as well as products like OvuGel and Feed Allocation System (FAS).

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