United Animal Health Dairy Audits

One of our expert dairy nutrition consultants can perform a no-obligation review of your farm’s current forage, nutrition, reproduction, and automated milking system management programs with our newly expanded “Dairy Check” on-farm audit and monitor systems. From smaller producers to the largest dairies, we can assess and provide expert guidance to improve your operational success. Our technical dairy team possesses the right combination of industry knowledge, the latest research, personal experience, as well as the most up to date tablet and smartphone applications to help you continually improve and build an even brighter future.

Forage Management and Preservation

Forage quality is the #1 component of overall dairy profitability.  The crop you harvest this year is yours for at least the entire next and, therefore, it is of paramount importance to get it right.  It is a very short window to harvest and preserve the very best for your cows to set the stage for their productive success. At United Animal Health, we offer comprehensive forage management plans which include:

  • Assistance in selection of corn hybrids, alfalfa varieties, as well as alternative cover crops from United Animal Health personnel with technical backgrounds in plant genetics, forage quality, and hybrid selection.
  • Smartphone applications for assessment of inoculant and silage cover or plastic needs.
  • A complete portfolio of United Animal Health’s Silage Maker™ brand inoculants and mold inhibitors to ensure proper fermentation and preservation.
  • Broad selection of forage acids and preservatives for hay and haylages, as well as acid blends to reduce heating and spoilage at the silage bunker or in the TMR in the bunk.
  • Distributors of FeedFresh™, SealFresh™, and FeedPro-G™ silage covers, oxygen barriers, and forage plastics in the Midwest for Raven Industries.

ALPHA-OMEGA Dry and Transition Cow Program

The transition period is the most critical phase of production and is invariably linked to both productivity and profitability in a dairy herd.  Nutrition, health, and management programs during this phase directly influence the incidence of post-calving metabolic disorders, milk production, and reproduction during a given lactation cycle.  This unique program enables you bridge that gap by amplifying the metabolism of the dry and transition cow.


  • Drying a cow off after a successful lactation is a time to replenish body reserves as well as ensure proper fetal development. This period, however, is also a time when nutrient and metabolic needs tend to be somewhat sacrificed for numerous reasons.  Many times drying a cow off is equivalent to dropping her off a nutritional and metabolic cliff.  Imagine going 100 mph and then slamming on the brakes.  This approach results in a reduced nutritional plane throughout the dry period that can often be difficult to ramp back up during the steam up and/or transition phases.  The cow’s metabolic systems simply haven’t been primed to effectively and efficiently cope with the relatively rapid increase in nutrient supply or metabolic demands during the pre-fresh period.
  • The transition period of dairy cows is characterized by several physiological changes and a negative energy balance, due to increased energy and nutrient demands to support the intense late-gestation fetal growth and increased nutrient partitioning for milk production immediately post-calving.
  • In order to satisfy this dramatic increase of requirements, adipose energy reserves are often mobilized raising the circulating concentrations of non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA’s). This increase in NEFA’s results in the increase of circulating ketone bodies, especially β-hydroxybutyrate (BHBA), which has been shown to result in depressed dry matter intake which, in turn, increases the susceptibility of newly-freshened cows to other metabolic challenges, diseases, diminished milk production, and delays in reproductive function.
  • ALPHA-OMEGA (AO) is a blend of 20+ specific nutrients and technologies; containing minerals, vitamins, direct-fed microbials, amino acids, mycotoxin abatement products, immune up-regulators, stimulators of both lipid and glucose metabolism, ionophores, enzymes, buffers, and more.
  • The nutritional and metabolic strategies employed in ALPHA-OMEGA allow producers to maintain a steadily increasing nutritional plane throughout the dry and transition phases. Instead of dropping a cow off a nutritional and metabolic cliff per se, ALPHA-OMEGA ensures that the nutritional and, more importantly, the metabolic processes are primed, amplified, and ready to better fulfill the needs of the cow and producer alike.
  • ALPHA-OMEGA is truly unique to the market and contains key ingredients, technologies, and metabolic drivers fed throughout the dry and pre-fresh periods to ensure a smooth transition and improve health, production, and fertility post-calving.

ALPHA-OMEGA DCAD (-21 to 0 days)

  • Dietary Cation-Anion Difference, or DCAD, is a measure for both dry and lactating cows. In close-up dry cows, a negative DCAD can help prevent metabolic problems. In lactating cows, a positive DCAD can help increase dry matter intake, milk production, and milk components. The most common equation to determine DCAD is based on the dietary concentration of the cation minerals sodium (Na) and potassium (K), and the anion minerals chloride (Cl) and sulfur (S).
  • ALPHA-OMEGA DCAD provides a highly palatable, low inclusion source of anionic minerals as well as additional inclusions of several vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and stimulators of both lipid and glucose metabolism present in ALPHA-OMEGA.
  • Collectively, ALPHA-OMEGA DCAD improves calcium availability in the transition cow, reduces the risk of hypocalcemia, and further amplifies the metabolic ability to effectively respond to the nutritional and metabolic stressors of the periparturient cow.

Lactation Strategies

Early lactation cows tend to be the most responsive to changes in protein and energy status, so bypass amino acid and rumen inert energy supplements in conjunction with forward-thinking formulation strategies should be targeted to high producing, early lactation cows whenever possible to optimize production and improve returns. United Animal Health utilizes cutting edge formulation models and systems to create custom-formulated protein, energy, and mineral blends that target early lactation cows to quickly improve energy balance which enables our customers to reap the benefits of increased milk production, milk components, and profitability.

  • All of our consultants are Lely T4C (Time-for-Cows) certified to consult and manage automated milking systems serving in an advisory role providing problem solving, feedback, and continuous improvement for your robotic milking operation.
  • United Animal Health is currently the marketing and distribution representative in MI, IN, and OH for Fermented Nutrition’s Lacto-Whey 40 and GlucoBoost® protein- and energy-rich feed supplements for lactating cows. Lacto-Whey 40 provides a unique slow release NPN source as well as microbial protein from fermentation similar to soybean meal while also providing two times the energy value of corn.  GlucoBoost® is a unique high energy product designed to improve glucose production in the early lactation cows resulting in improved transition cow health.